September 2013

September 26th, 2013 @ Nazareth Bread Company

Back to Basics (William Bass) 5pm – 6pm

Using iptables – open source firewall tool

Review or learn the basics of iptables at the Back to Basics.  Mr. Bass will cover the how iptables works, how to review your firewall rules, create new rules, and customize your rules.  We will also look at the open source tool called Firewall Builder.

Dinner and networking: 6pm – 7pm 

Presentation:  (Mike Parsons) 7pm -8pm 

So you just had your network audit, and the auditor wrote you up for having a flat network.  In other words, there are no controls in place that prevents traffic from going between users and servers.  Is that a problem?  What happens when an admin plugs in a thumb drive and unleashes a 0 day virus designed to seek out and attack the database containing your company’s customers?  Does your network provide an obstacle course of policies or a bowling green?

At this month’s ISSA meeting, we’ll discuss how to best address this risk.  Do we follow the typical recommendation from operations and implement VLANs?  Or do we rush out, buy a firewall and develop granular policy controls to restrict traffic, users and applications from performing mischief?  Or do we do both.  Be sure to join us and share in the discussion on why you would choose one solution over the other.

Mike Parsons will lead the discussion at the Nazareth Bread Company while you enjoy the Mediterranean food.  Parsons has over 30 years’ experience in information technology, over 15 years’ of which are in Information Security.  Parsons has used his expertise and passion for Information Security to lead a rich career in education, retail, financial services and government.  Parsons is a Vietnam-era Veteran and has a BA from East Carolina and a MBA from University of Maryland.  He earned a certificate in Information Security and Privacy from UNCC in 2003 and his CISSP in 2004.  In 2013, Parsons was nominated by the Triad Chapter and confirmed by the ISSA Board to become a senior member of ISSA.

We look forward to seeing you at our September meeting.

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