1/2015 (January) Meeting

January ISSA Meeting

This is to announce the monthly Triad NC ISSA chapter meeting for January. Please note that we have a different meeting night from our November and December meetings.


This month our meeting will be held at Forsyth Technical Community College. Please RSVP for the event by registering at the event’s Eventbrite site: https://january2015-issa.eventbrite.com

Dinner will be provided.


When: Thursday,  January 29, 6-8 PM

Where:   Forsyth Technical Community College

Allman Blg. RM 414

Winston-Salem, NC
Cost: Free for Triad ISSA Chapter Members and First Time Visitors. $10 for returning visitors.

If you know of any other security professionals interested in attending, please forward this invite on to them and copy us on your correspondence.


1. Meet, greet, & network (6 pm-6:45 pm)

2. Chapter business (6:45 pm to 7 pm)

3. Presentations (7 p.m. to 8 p.m.):


This month’s meeting will focus on managing security and risk in a cloud environment. Elastica is focused on enabling organizations to embrace SaaS and Cloud apps with confidence, providing the needed visibility, security, controls and investigation capabilities. Their solution suite helps a company answer some basic questions about managing its information assets when they give it over to a cloud service provider.


Jason Creech, Elastica’s Director of Security Consulting and Products, Jason brings nearly 20 years’ experience in systems administration and information security to the table. He has earned his stripes working as a practitioner of technology as well as a very successful technology sales professional and consultant dealing with companies like RSA, Qualys, Quest, McAfee and NetIQ.

His discussion will help you answer the following questions as you struggle to understand the challenges of relying on the cloud. What makes the cloud environments different from on-premises hosting solutions. Why are some saying that nearly 50% of the companies leveraging cloud services to host their data lose that data in the cloud at one time or another? What can a company leveraging cloud services do to avoid becoming part of that statistic?


I’m sure you’ll find what Jason has to say both educational and entertaining.
This is a great opportunity for our members to meet, network, and learn from other members and professionals in the community.  Please be sure to register by clicking on the link below: